Duplex & Super Duplex

Super Duplex stainless steel has a unique combination of chemical and mechanical properties. Particularly in the offshore and, petrochemical industry. Super Duplex stainless steel is progressively more used in extremely cold conditions, even where the conditions are the hardest and most extreme, Ozephius knows what to do. Ozephius has over 30 years experience in processing and welding these “Superalloys” for the most diverse applications.

Required procedures

The welders of Ozephius all have specialized skills that are indispensable in the welding of Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel. Because of the very critical (50/50 austenitic / ferritic) structure of these materials experience, skill and discipline of employees Ozephius is of utmost importance.

Machine and Welding

Improper use of machining and welding of these materials, will destroy the material properties and this may cause extensive damage. We therefore demand the highest craftsmanship and maximum skill set of our employees.

Pathway designs

Thanks to its extensive experience in processing techniques in connection with Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel, Ozephius has become a reliable partner in the design process. Ozephius Development BV welcomes you. ( of Ozephius Development BV will be there for you )

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